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Instagram/Vine Video Contest


Teen Read Week is coming up – Oct. 13-19, 2013

TWCS is excited to be part of the fun with a VINE/INSTAGRAM Video Challenge!


VineHow does it work? Simple.

1. Between September 12th and October 17th,
Make a VINE or INSTAGRAM video featuring a TWCS YA Book

2. Post it on the TWCS Young Adult Facebook Wall 

3. Use the hashtag #YATWCSVINE
There will be a PUBLIC VOTE to choose the BEST VINE October 17-19, 2013.
In addition, a RANDOM WINNER will be chosen from all participants.

What do you win? THIS cool prize package of eBooks and ARCs!


So what do I VINE? Just show us something cool about a TWCS YA Book!

We are asking our readers to come up with a VINE or Instagram Video of you or someone you know:
•Reading a special part of the book
•Acting out a scene of the book
•Giving a review of the book
•A funny reason why people should buy the book

Be creative! Draw a comic strip! Have your dog read the book! Read the book to your dog!

Use interpretive dance! Whatever!

We want to see what you can do with that 7 seconds!


Please base the VINE on one of following books. All are available in eBook or print on all major outlets.

(Click on a cover for more information)

Don't forget to post your VINE or INSTAGRAM Videos on THE TWCS YOUNG ADULT FACEBOOK WALL  with the hashtag #YATWCSVINE 

(Click the link if you want to see an example) 

Winners for both BEST VINE and the random drawing will be announced on Oct. 19th
Good luck, have fun, and happy Vining!!
All videos must be rated for all audiences.   All videos are subject to removal by TWCS Staff.  Any video with the following will be removed immediately: swearing or vulgar language,  nudity, sexual content, drug use, derogatory language, or racist remarks.  The final decision on removal is solely the responsibility of TWCS.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Beneath the Surface by M.A. Stacie

Beneath the Surface

By M.A. Stacie

Published By The Writer's Coffee Shop

Kyran Reese is a man in control. Driven when it comes to work, focused when it comes to play. From his office to the chalk circle of Metro’s bare-knuckle boxing ring, his only thought is to win. That thirst heightens when Dale Porter enters his life. His brother’s assistant should be off-limits, but her witty comments and sarcastic comebacks have him desperate to get her between the sheets. After receiving an unexpected left hook, Kyran gets exactly what he wants, though he makes the rules very clear.
When Dale agrees to Kyran’s relationship stipulation of no labels, she’s sucked into a whirlwind of lust, money, and underground boxing.  The agreement to keep their lust away from the office is discarded when rules are molded to suit their ever-increasing attraction. Dale fights her growing affection, trying to hide it even when the world around them spirals out of control. All too soon she realizes she can’t hide her true feelings any longer.
Kyran begins to wonder if he’s finally met his match, and with his family falling apart before his eyes, he turns to the two things he knows will keep him sane: boxing and Dale. Those crutches can’t last forever, and when Kyran finds it harder to function he is left with a decision he never thought he’d have to make.
Could playing to win mean playing for keeps?


“And did you feel envious?” She hooked her finger into the waistband of his shorts, pulling the elastic away from his body. “Is that why you were so mad at me?”

“We should stop, Dale. This isn’t good for either of us. I don’t do relationships, and you can’t keep this light and casual. No woman can.” He shuffled backward.


“I’m never wrong,” he said with utter conviction, taking another step back. He huffed as the shower spray hit his back. However, when he looked at her body he was met with the sight of a wet, aroused Dale. She didn’t care if she was fully clothed; she followed him into the shower.

The water had sprayed her, catching her sweater and causing it to stick to her chest.

The woman was braless.

Protruding against the cloth, her nipples were hard and begging for his attention. His mouth watered and his balls hummed with a desire he’d only ever experienced with Dale.

She cocked her head, pulling on his shorts again. Unable to hold back any longer, Kyran lowered his head and took her erect nipple into his mouth. He teased it through the sweater, scraping with his teeth. She gave a soft exhale, pushing her chest closer to his mouth. He considered stopping at that point, concerned that they’d resolved nothing, but as her hands began to remove his shorts, his concerns fled.

The water sluiced down his back and over his aching muscles. It cascaded across his naked buttocks; Dale had finally managed to take his clothing from him. Her sweater followed seconds later, exposing her breasts to him and heightening his savage lust.

Author Bio
M. A. Stacie is never without a book or her eReader. A voracious reader, with a love of sexy, yet angst ridden novels, she adores getting lost in new worlds. Her need to write did not grip her until after her second son was born, when her previous rambles became fully fledged stories.

She describes herself as one huge contradiction, and though not the most conventional of hobbies, she counts getting new tattoos as one of hers. Along with knitting, listening to loud music, and playing the Wii with her children. M. A. Stacie lives in the UK with her husband and three sons.

Author Links

Other Books by M.A. Stacie

Elle is an energetic, independent woman with a successful business and new start in the big city. The bustling streets of New York are not what she expected, yet she finds the freedom exhilarating. One interaction at the mailboxes with her shy, strikingly handsome neighbor is all it takes to turn the strong- willed young woman into a bumbling mess.

Jonah Quinn is withdrawn for good reason; he harbors a dark secret. He lives his life in the shadows, playing his music in late night bars and hiding himself from everyone but Elle's cat. His tattoos bear his pain while his music is his outlet, but it is his silence that keeps his shame at bay.

Can one night of passion between the two of them lead to more than casual glances exchanged at their mailboxes? Will Elle be strong enough to help Jonah with his personal demons. And will Jonah break his silence regarding a past that haunts him?

The Rules for this relationship are Unwritten. A story of longing, love, and forgiveness.

Purchase Unwritten Rules

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Out For Blood, by Mike Walker

Available from The Writer's Coffee Shop Oct 31st 2013!!!
Cover Art by Mayhem Cover Creations

My thoughts on the cover...

I must admit that for a vampire story I am surprised the author and graphic artist didn't focus on a red blood thirsty theme? Instead they have chosen one of the best shades of blue - I love the colour and as a result, I find myself more intrigued by this vampire story than others. Where are the fangs? The dripping blood? The colourless victim in a lifeless swoon? The bite marks? Instead we have lots of little visual clues that hint at the story's direction; A Hollywood Sign, A Vampire Bat, A Press Card, A Semi  Shady Kind of Sexy Looking Man with a Piercing Gaze... it all says YES to me. (Lol "I'll have what she's having")

Could it be that this story will be different from your traditional Draculaic tale? It absolutely has to be! Check out the tag line "Private Diary of a Gossip Vampire", there are a few factors in this that I believe to be absolute genius! 
  • Mike Walker the author, an actual reknowned gossip columnist appears to be having a laugh at himself, whilst giving a nod to the oft used comparisons between blood suckers and the back-fence busy bodies that comprise the Hollywood rumour mill (Aussie perspective);
  • There is an obvious oxymoron in the terms Private and Gossip;
  • Not to mention the blatant pun... A private diary of a gossip columnist is surely going to resemble a closet loaded with skeletons.
I think this is going to be a cracker yarn, lots of fun and perhaps a not so serious take on the tell all tattle-tale trade.

I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

National Revealer’s Clark Kelly carved out his killer career as Hollywood’s most-feared gossip columnist by exploiting mankind’s most ancient vulnerability:
“Everyone’s got a secret . . . and someone’s dying to tell it!”
Clark never reveals his to-die-for secret!
Dude’s a vampire!
CUE SCARY MUSIC . . . our undead gossip guru flies the night skies to spy on Hollywood’s hottest stars—then inks about their bedroom kinks! Imagine our studly, urbane journalist jotting notes as he hovers outside Scarlett Johansson’s bedroom window, or peeks into Tom Cruise’s “bachelor pad.”
Star secrets . . .?
This vampire BITES!
And what’s sexier than vampires, ladies? Just ask smokin’ hot starlet/tabloid terror TayLo Logan—this Wild Child gets crazy with bad boy Clark because his bite makes her blood boil!
Then it’s LIGHTS . . . CAMERA . . .  ACTION! . . . but not in a good way: Vampire Boy and Tabloid Train Wreck TayLo unwittingly end up stars of a sizzling sex tape—destined for worldwide display on the notorious vampire fan sex site, FANGBANGING.COM.
Still, the duo’s beyond-the-grave love story simmers away as Clark rips the lid off a murder cover-up—then discovers a murderous plot against TayLo!
DANGER! Can Clark stop a stalker who wants to drain his lover dry? Or wreak revenge on Tinseltown billion-heiress Roma Kane for her poisonous plot to paralyze TayLo—and her career? Can he foil a murder cabal so evil it feeds stars’ pets to coyotes?
AND THEN . . . talk about the plot thickening! Roma’s billionaire granddaddy, mogul Montague Kane, taking a breather from the nymphet “nannies” paid to play his naughty high-chair games, springs a backstab surprise—buying out Clark’s beloved National Revealer.
Suddenly, “deadline” takes on a whole new meaning
Triggered by vengeful fury, Clark goes “rogue vampire!”
Evil is punished . . . and the sun shines once more when he creates a Hollywood happy ending that makes everyone (undeads included) a STAR!
Hold the front page! Because Clark Kelly’s . . .
Out For Blood!
She recoiled, screamed again as my hand snaked over her shoulder from behind, clamping her mouth, muzzling the shriek. My fangs grazed her neck delicately, barely piercing the skin.
My hot breath soothing in her ear as I whispered, “Just a tiny sting, baby . . . easy now! Okay, all done . . . just relax.”
Her eyes popped in a terrified stare. Suddenly, I was standing face-to-face with her again. She shuddered, swayed. I steadied her.
“Easy, girlfriend!”
Jesus! How did you . . .”
Her eyes focused, watching my tongue flick hypnotically back and forth across my teeth as I tested her blood. I sighed.
No question: Positive.
She flinched as I touched the tiny pinpricks I’d left on her neck, then showed her the crimson droplets on my fingertips. “Blood never lies, my sweet. You have tooted primo sniffy in the past hour. Not a lot, to be sure, but it’s a fresh trace. La Coca.”

Author Bio
Dubbed “a one-man media conglomerate” by New Yorker magazine, Mike Walker became Tokyo’s youngest-ever foreign correspondent.
After launching his iconic gossip column, The National Enquirer's #1 feature, and his show on CBS radio nationwide, Walker became weekly co-anchor on TV's Geraldo and guested on such top shows like Nightline. After writing and hosting two successful MGM-TV specials, he created the daily series, National Enquirer TV!
Mike became the only reporter ever to write two bestsellers on one story when his books on the O.J. Simpson trial hit #1 and #5 on the New York Times Bestseller List.
Dubbed “The King of Gossip” by Publisher’s Weekly, he played his weekly “Gossip Game” on The Howard Stern Show for a record 16 years.
He’s lectured at distinguished journalism schools at Columbia University and UC Berkeley; and received a prestigious invitation to become a Fellow of Ireland's legendary Trinity College, Dublin.

Connect with Mike Walker on FacebookGoodreads and Twitter

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Cover Reveal - Innocence by Elise de Sallier

Available from The Writer's Coffee Shop, Dec 17th 2013

My Thoughts on the Cover

I think the fonts are perfect. They are both clean and crisp, this is a especially nice for the title to be clear despite being a cursive script. The colours that are used whilst being quite uniform also provide a nice contrast between the warmth of the girls' skin and her hair... she appears to be emerging from the cooler shadowy background. There is an element of Innocence to the overall effect and a little bit of mystery. My only comment against would be that there is nothing about this cover that indicates the novel is of the Regency Romance genre.

Innocence - Summary

Ignorance is supposed to be bliss, but in Anneliese Barlow's experience it leads to poor choices and unnecessarily tragic outcomes . . . and there is nothing pleasant about either.

Forced to flee her father's brutal heir, Anneliese masquerades as Lisa Brown, a servant, in the grand, country mansion of the Duke of Worthington. Befriended by her fellow maids, she tries—and fails—to avoid attention while awaiting the return of the duke, her father's friend. Discovering the life of gentility she had known was a virtual fairytale, reality a dark and forbidding place, Lisa faces danger at every turn.

Captivated by the beautiful maid, Nathaniel Stanton, the Marquis of Marsden, decides the only way to protect the new girl is by offering her his protection. With her reputation ruined and all hope of returning to her previous station seemingly lost, Lisa surrenders her virtue to the man she has come to love almost beyond reason. Finding unexpected passion in Nathaniel's arms, her senses are awakened to a world of sensuality she had not known existed. A world not without grave risks.

Believing it is the only way he can keep her in his life, Nathaniel asks Lisa to be his mistress, promising her a home and a future with him . . . of sorts. Despite her misgiving's about its dubious morality, she accepts the position rather than be separated from Nathaniel. But her father's heir, Lord Copeland, has not given up in his quest to have her for himself.

With her freedom, Nathaniel's position in society, and the future of countless others at stake, she must sacrifice her future happiness and disappear forever. If her identity is uncovered, Lisa's innocence won't be the only thing that's lost.


“Please.” She whimpered.

“Please what?” The softening of his expression gave her no comfort. His eyes darkened, and he raised a hand to run his finger down her cheek. It was the same simple caress Nathaniel had used many times, but she shuddered in dismay at Lord McGivern’s touch. She had thought he was a gentleman after his apology for interrupting them in the study. But it appeared she had been mistaken.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she whispered.

Lord McGivern let his hand fall but did not move away.

“I have no intention of hurting you, Miss Brown. I do not force myself upon unwilling women, nor would I normally encroach on a friend’s territory. I’m here for the answers Nathaniel would have demanded if you hadn’t beguiled him so completely. Is it money you’re after? I’m not sure how much Nathaniel has offered you. Are you open to a higher bid?”

Lisa gasped, shocked by the provocative nature of his comment.

“I don’t want money, yours or anyone else’s.”

His eyebrows rose at her denial.

“The reason I appear something other than a commoner is because my mother, a lady from a good family, married my father, a soldier and business proprietor, for love, something no gentleman seems capable of comprehending. I did fall on hard times. My father died, leaving me orphaned and without protection, and I came to Worthington Hall to find employment in a supposedly safe environment. That is all.”

“But you’ve found a great deal more than that, Miss Brown, if that’s even your name. No matter how enamoured he may be, Nathaniel will never marry you. If this is some misguided attempt to entrap him, you’ll be quite ruined when the truth comes out.”

“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.” Lisa’s heart ached at hearing her sad reality spelled out, albeit with a sordid twist. “Lord Marsden pursued me, not the other way around. He offered me his protection, and I accepted. The only thing I am guilty of is naïveté, as I had no idea what was involved.”

Lord McGivern stepped back, and she sagged against the wall.

“So you’re saying you have no interest in him?”

“I love him. I always will, no matter how impossible my situation.”

Lord McGivern studied her for a long moment. “If you’re telling the truth, then you have my apology and Nathaniel my congratulations for finding a paramour of exemplary quality in the most unlikely of settings. But I’m warning you, if this is some sort of ruse to discredit Nathaniel, or an attempt to extort financial gain from a family well-known for their generosity, you will regret your deceit.”

“My intentions in coming to Worthington Hall were without guile. I never set out to entrap Nathaniel or to become his mistress—I had no idea such a role existed.”

“How could you not know?”

Lisa saw red, the hurt and betrayal she felt at the hypocrisy she had discovered inherent in her own class causing her to act without circumspection.

“Does Lady Rebecca know the gentlemen pursuing her for matrimony have lain with other women and intend to continue doing so once married? Or that she will be expected to behave as if she has a heart of stone, denying her the passion and pleasure her gentleman husband will take as his right? Or are you the exception to the rule, Lord McGivern, and planning on honouring your wedding vows after you wed?”

His stunned expression turned calculating. “I hope you’re not threatening me, Miss Brown.”

“How could I? It is not like I’ll ever get to meet Lady Rebecca. I am just pointing out that a young woman who’s been sheltered in her upbringing would have no reason to be aware of such things. She will be lucky to have the vaguest clue as to what occurs in a marital bed!”

Author bio:

Elise met the love of her life when she was only sixteen, married him three years later, and recently celebrated her thirtieth wedding anniversary. Needless to say, she is a big believer in living Happily Ever After. With a lifetime's worth of experience behind her, Elise also believes great relationships don't just happen, they take work. . . which doesn’t mean writing about them can’t be a whole lot of fun. 

After surviving all manner of health obstacles while raising a family and nursing her elderly grandmother—her writing name-sake, though she’d have been shocked by her granddaughter’s steamy love scenes—Elise established a career as a counselor and family therapist. Seeking an escape from the stresses of her work, she discovered the world of fan fiction, and her timid writer’s muse began to make its voice heard. Two point three million hits, twelve and a half thousand reviews, and an email from an acquisition's editor at The Writer's Coffee Shop later, and Elise's life found a new and fascinating direction. 

A romantic fiction addict from way back, writing her own historical and paranormal romances—and having others read and fall in love with her characters and the worlds she creates—is a dream come true. Elise likes to see her characters grow, experience passion and adventure, tackle some difficult issues, and find lasting love . . . eventually. 

Connect with Elise de Sallier on FaceBook