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Life After The Undead by Pembroke Sinclair

Life After The Undead by Pembroke Sinclair
Published By: Booktrope Publishing
Publication Date: October 27th 2015
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Young Adult, Zombies
Available From: Amazon

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Paperback copy of Life After The Undead

Behind the Story: Life After the Undead
By Pembroke Sinclair

I am fascinated with zombies—obsessed, if you will—and I have been since the first time I watched Night of the Living Dead many, many years ago. When I get really stressed out, I often dream of the undead and have to find ways to fight against them. That is where the inspiration for Life After the Undead came from.

The dream occurred several years ago, and while I don’t remember the exact details, I recall that my spouse and I were hiding in a small town while all of the zombies were migrating through. They were heading West so the humidity didn’t cause them to deteriorate faster. I woke up and thought, “Hey, that’s a great idea!”  So I fleshed out the story.

It started out as a short story focusing on one small snippet in time. That story was published somewhere (I can’t remember and it’s no longer linked on my blog), and then I decided to expand it into a novel.

The first attempt was an adult novel. I’m fairly certain there were some cuss words in it and a bit more carnage. I decided to send out queries for the story to agents. For the first round, I sent it to 31 agents, all of which rejected it, except one who suggested I turn it into a young adult novel and then resubmit. 

So I did. This required me to clean up the language a bit, take out some of the gore (although it still has its fair share), and make my main character a bit more naïve. I believe I also changed it from third person to first person. I sent it back in, feeling pretty good, and then she rejected it. But that didn’t discourage me. I sent it out again as a young adult novel.

For the second round, I queried 28 agents, all of whom rejected it. After that, I sent it to a few indie publishers, and one of them picked it up. I met a book cover designer online who painted (honest to goodness painted!) covers, so I commissioned him to create the cover. 

The way the deal worked was that he would send the cover idea, then it was up to the publishing company to put on the title and my byline, which they did. The artist was then free to sell the original painting, which he did. However, I decided that I liked it so much I wanted one for my collection, so I asked him to create me another with my title and byline on it. It wasn’t something he normally did, but he did it for me. The painting proudly hangs in my house.

Life After the Undead is one of my favorite stories. One of the things I like so much about zombies is that they allow me to explore the question of what it means to be human. That’s a theme that runs through a lot of my books. Plus, I just really like zombies.

As the years went by, I wanted to breathe some life back into the story (pun intended), so I decided to republish with another publishing house. This allowed me to go back and make edits, expand the story and take out some things that bothered me, and I got a new cover. 

It was a lot of fun to go back and reread the story and make changes. I’m feeling pretty good about the story, and I think it’s closer to my vision of how I originally imagined it. Every time I reread it, I find a new aspect that makes me enjoy the story all over again. I would have imagined that after all this time and changes the story would get old, but it hasn’t. It’s still one of my favorites.


Seventeen-year-old Krista must quickly figure out how she’s going to survive in the zombie-destroyed world. The one advantage humans have is that the zombies hate humid environments, so they’re migrating west to escape its deteriorating effects. The survivors plan to construct a wall at North Platte to keep the undead out, and Krista has come to Nebraska to start a new life.

Zombies aren’t the only creatures she has to be cautious of—the other survivors have a dark side. Krista must fight not only to live but also to defend everything she holds dear—her country, her freedom, and ultimately, those she loves.

Join Krista in her quest to survive in this thrilling apocalyptic novel by Pembroke Sinclair.

Author Bio

Jessica Robinson is an editor by day and a zombie-killer by night (at least in her books). Since the first time she watched Night of the Living Dead, she has been obsessed with zombies and often thinks of ways to survive the uprising. In addition to her nonfiction book, under the pen name Pembroke Sinclair, she has written YA novels about zombies and the tough teens who survive the apocalyptic world. She has also written nonfiction stories for Serial Killer Magazine and published a book about slasher films called Life Lessons from Slasher Films.

You can learn more about Pembroke Sinclair by visiting her at:

His Work Of Art by Shannyn Schroeder

His Work Of Art by Shannyn Schroeder
(Hot & Nerdy, #4)
Published By: Kensington
Publication Date: October 27th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Available From: Amazon * B&N * iTunes * Kobo

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She reached for a slice as Adam walked in the back. He returned with some napkins, which was good because she now had sauce dripping on her chin. “Thanks,” she mumbled around a mouthful of hot cheese. Just as she wiped at her chin, a blob of sauce landed on her cargo pants. She rubbed at it, resigned to another stain.

The corners of his mouth lifted, but he said nothing. He leaned against the counter in front of the register. They ate in silence through their first pieces. They’d worked a long time to figure out how to approach this partnership.

No matter what, collaboration was rough. 

Adam wiped his hands on a napkin. “Do you think this is going to work?”

“What? Us?” Probably not the best wording.

He nodded.

“As long as you give up your boob fixation, yeah.” She blew out a heavy breath that puffed her bangs away from her forehead. “It’s harder than I thought. It’d be cool if we could just do a Vulcan mind meld, and you could see inside my head and know what I’m picturing. If I had any artistic skill, I’d attempt to draw it myself. But I find stick figures challenging.”

“So Lyrid can’t have big tits. I get it. You can stop telling me. But I’m not going to draw her like a guy either.”

The jab hit home. More times than she cared to think about, people had commented on her appearance. “I don’t want her to be a guy. But real women don’t have a two-inch waist to go with their ginormous boobs.”

“Lyrid isn’t real. She’s a character. A fantasy.”

But why did the fantasy always have to be sex goddess? “Can we settle on a happy medium?” She squinted at him and searched for the right words. “Curvy, but not voluptuous?” She pointed at him. “And no spillage.”


She cupped her hands in front of her own small chest. “Spillage. Popping out of a ridiculous outfit.”

Adam dropped his pizza back in the box and went to the drawing table. He flipped up his sketch pad. An intense expression took over his face and Reese stared. She couldn’t look away. His long fingers moved quickly with a pencil in his left hand. She knew that when he was finished, smudges would be smeared on the edge of his palm as well as on his fingertips.

It was like she was no longer in the room.


Reese Carter is definitely not your average college girl. She’d prefer to spend Saturday nights playing Hero’s Crusade than attending a wild frat party on campus. When she bands together with Adam, fellow comic enthusiast and illustrator, it appears that Reese has formed a dream team sure to propel her writing into the comic hall of fame.

Adam Hayes has never met a girl like Reese. She’s sassy, smart, and loves talking comics, although he can’t see why she’d choose DC over Marvel. He’s thrilled to finally put his artistic chops to use in their upcoming comic project. But this relationship is strictly professional. Or so he tells himself. When the two combine forces, they churn out magic in more ways than they had planned; they never expected to develop a steamy romantic sub-plot of their own…

Author Bio

Shannyn is a former English teacher, who now works as a part-time editor while raising her three kids.

Even though she wrote from high school through college (mostly poetry), she'd never considered a career as an author. Writing fell by the wayside as she focused her energy on creating lesson plans and new and fabulous ways to torment her teen students. One group in particular dubbed her "The Torture Master," a title she carried into motherhood.

After the birth of baby number two, Shannyn resigned from teaching and fell in love with reading romance novels. She read so many books so quickly that her husband teased, "If you're going to read so many damn books, why don't you just write one?"

So she did. And she hasn't looked back since.

She is recovering from her Diet Coke addiction, fears putting her foot in her mouth on social media, and has a renewed appreciation for the bad girls of the world.

Shannyn is represented by Frances Black and Jennifer Mishler of Literary Counsel. Her debut, More Than This, will be released by eKensington on January 3, 2013.

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Solace by Angela Smith


Congrats to Angela Smith on her Recent Release :D


Solace by Angela Smith
Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella
Available From: Amazon


In the summer of 1969, when the first man has landed on the moon and the world is wrought with war, a small town in Texas finds their hope in an engagement between a bookstore owner and her loan officer, two individuals who aren’t right for each other; especially because one is already married.

Chapman Springs, Texas, brims with possibilities, but many of its citizens struggle to adapt when confronted with progressive social ideas and the changes wrought by the Vietnam War. Brooklyn Williams is at the forefront of change, owning and running a successful bookstore, but the town only tolerates her position because of her purported engagement to her loan officer. When her estranged husband returns from the war, and the town begins to turn on her, she must fight to save her livelihood and her friends, and decide if her love for Leath can bring trust and peace back into her life.

Leath Williams lost more than his arm in Vietnam. He lost Brooklyn’s heart. When he returns home, he opens Solace Ranch as a haven for other war-torn soldiers, and struggles to resolve his own inner demons in the process. He hopes to reunite with Brooklyn, but someone wants to put him out of the picture for good. Can Brooklyn and Leath overcome their fears, defeat the enemy without losing the fight, and save their love?

Author Bio

Angela(2)During her senior year in high school, Angela Smith was dubbed most likely to write a novel, and that has been her dream ever since her mother read ‘Brer Rabbit’ to her and her sister so often that they were able to recite it back to each other before they learned to read. Ever since then, she hasn’t stopped reading or writing. A certified paralegal, work gives her perfect fodder for mixing suspense with her romance stories. When not caring for her small farm or spending time with her husband of two decades, she enjoys creating, Jeeping, reading, and dreaming of the places she’ll visit one day.

Live Me ~ a Pieces of Broken novel by Celeste Grande

Live Me ~ a Pieces of Broken novel by Celeste Grande 
Publication Date: October 27th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
Available From: Amazon

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Staring at my booklet, I was oblivious to the fact he’d inched closer to me during our testing session.

His warm breath at the soft spot below my ear made my belly clench. He pressed his chest against my side and pointed to the page in front of me. “Also, see right here where you keep using the same words over and over? That’s called an echo. You need to find other words and substitute them. It’ll flow better and be easier to read,” he whispered, burrowing his nose into my hair.

My head tilted into him, his pull on me as magnetic as ever. I swallowed long and hard, willing my lungs to cease their need for oxygen so I didn’t have to breathe in his intoxicating scent. “You’re in my personal space.” Damn my voice for sounding so shaky.

He brushed his nose down the side of my neck. “I just wanted to be sure not to disturb anyone else. We are in a library, after all.”

“I can assure you, you don’t have to be that close in order for them not to hear you.”

He chuckled, the sound deep and sensual. “True, but it was a good excuse to get close to you for as long as I could get away with it.” He dragged his lips up the length of my neck and nipped my earlobe.

I gasped. “What’re you doing?”

“It’s Tuesday.” He smiled and chomped down on his jaw, reminding me of when we’d first met and that he too bites on Tuesdays.

Although my body was reeling, I covered it up with a burst of laughter, then quickly stifled it under my palm. “Remind me to steer clear of you on Tuesdays then. Sheesh. I didn’t know I needed to take you seriously if I didn’t want to become your next meal.”

He leaned dangerously close, forcing me to bend back so far in my chair the top of it bit into my shoulder blades. “Angel, I would make you the appetizer, main course and dessert if you’d let me. You have no idea what my mouth is capable of. I would devour you inch by delicious fucking inch, and lick my fingers clean afterwards.”

I was wordless, unable to form a coherent thought. Even here, in a library, he had my heart pounding and my hormones raging. I itched to plunge my fingers into his hair and pull his mouth to mine. This attraction was all-consuming and it was becoming harder and harder to say no.

“You just let me know when you’re ready.” His eyes flicked to my lips, and my cheeks turned to flames.

“Why do you do this to me?” My voice gave away my weakness.

His serious gaze never faltered. He almost looked pained and the sincerity in his words shocked me. “I need you to know how I feel, Angel. I’ll try every chance I get to convince you you’re made for me. No regrets. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before, and I can’t just ignore it. Whether you admit it or not, I can tell you’re drawn to me, too. You just keep fighting it.” He moved closer still, pinning me to the pressed wood at my back. “Give into it, to this.” He brushed his fingertips along my jaw and my eyes fluttered closed.

I took a fortifying inhale but didn’t move from his touch. “Why don’t you stop? You’re relentless.”

“I can’t, I told you. As long as you’ll have me around, I’ll never stop. Not until you're mine. You should just accept that you want me already so we can move on from here.” With a confident smirk, he ghosted his fingers down my arm and squeezed my hip.

How did he always get the upper hand? I swallowed hard and my voice came out in a barely audible whisper, “You forget I have a—”

“Boyfriend?” He scoffed. “Yeah, I’ve heard. You forget, I don’t really care. Let me ask you this, where is he, Evangelina? Not a very worthy adversary if you ask me. How can he go weeks on end without seeing you? Hell, I can barely stay away from you now. I’d rather not hear about your poor excuse for a man anymore. You need a real man.” He snaked his hand through the hair at the nape of my neck and inched me close. “One who’s right here. Flesh and blood. Who can take care of you.” He dragged his knuckles along my cheek and scraped his thumb across my bottom lip.

Lost in the weight of his eyes, and the possessiveness of his touch, I fought to tear my gaze from his. Looking down in my lap, I toyed with a thread hanging from my shirt. “I told you … He’s away.”

His focus darted from my pouted lip up to my eyes as he analyzed me. A disbelieving humph escaped his lips. Then he backed away, taking his heat with him, and didn’t say anything more.




How can you begin to live again when you’ve already been forced to…die?

Evangelina Ricci is trapped in a world that’s a never-ending nightmare, a constant ache in which consumes her every breath. Unable to bear the torture any longer, she does the one thing she can to take back control.


With her best friend Jace in tow, Evangelina attempts to escape her darkened past by leaving for college and diving head first into an aggressive schedule, determined with everything she is to make a name for herself. There’s only one problem—she can’t run away from the demons she struggles with. The demons that’ll forever be there, locked inside, battering her soul. Hiding behind a flawless façade, Evangelina faces her ghosts until her world is turned upside down, invaded by…him.

Blake Turner. Sweet, witty, flirtatious and drop-dead gorgeous, he finds Evangelina at every turn. Scared he’ll uncover the truth she keeps so well guarded, Evangelina tries her best to put on her act, deterring him like she has so many times before—only this guy’s different. He’s relentless. Utterly, absolutely and completely relentless. He sees her and he wants her and won’t stop until she’s his.

Will Evangelina succeed in pushing Blake away? Or will he break down her walls and be the person to make her realize life is worth living?

Author Bio

Celeste Grande grew up loving words. From an early age, it was easy for her to open her heart through pen and paper and come away with something poetic. She never thought anything more than releasing her emotions would come of it though. A workaholic that can’t keep still, in her ‘real’ life, she’s a Certified Public Accountant who dreams of writing sexy books all day long. When she isn’t working, she’s reading, writing, mommying and being a wifey to the love of her life.

She lives in New York, still putting pen to paper and anxiously awaiting the debut of her first novel, Live Me, a new adult romance, in October of 2015.

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Cado by D.T. Dyllin

Cado by D.T. Dyllin 
Publication Date: October 26th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance
Available From: Amazon


“A bit sloppy, don’t you think?” 

A shiver raced up my spine and spread throughout my limbs, affecting my entire body. My eyes slid shut on their own volition, but only for a second. Then my gaze was gliding over Lucian hungrily. He stood just a few steps away from me, nearly touchable—touchable but beyond my reach somehow. His hair was shorter, darker too, and he wore another custom tailored suit. There was suddenly too much saliva in my mouth. I swallowed convulsively. There was a dead body at my feet and the only thing I could think about was running and jumping into Lucian’s arms, the very realistic figment of my imagination. 

“Nobody asked your opinion,” I forced myself to say.

 He chuckled, his laugh both dark and alluring. “I could help you.”

“A figment of my imagination isn’t going to do much of anything actually helpful.” I scanned the alley looking for somewhere to stash the body. It would be found, but not until after I was long gone. Nothing would link me to him, and frankly in a neighborhood like mine, no one would do much digging. At least I hoped. If any of my DNA was found on him, however unlikely, I could always claim he’d been a customer at Club Elite. Being a stripper was more of an alibi than most people would think. 

Lucian chuckled again, sending more shivers throughout my system. “What must I do to convince you that I am as real as you are? I would have thought someone with your unusual...talents, would be a lot more open minded.” 

He appeared directly in front of me, scant inches away. Yeah, because that’s going to convince me. His full lips tipped up into a sardonic smile, a sneer almost. “I know,” he murmured. “How about this?” 

His mouth pressed against mine, parting my lips forcefully, laying siege in a manner that both weakened my knees and shot lust pumping through my veins. I clutched at his shoulders to keep from falling, but his arm had already snaked around my back to provide support. His taste was lush, decadent, a flavor just beyond definition, and yet it was familiar and welcoming. I swear I would have done him right there in the alley, dead body lying there and all, if he hadn’t pulled away from me. 

Belatedly, almost as if my body was just coming back online, horrific images assaulted me. People screaming, dying, being tortured... I had no idea what it all meant. It wasn’t the normal way I saw things. Normally my visions were whispers in my mind or flashes, sometimes not even in color. But these—these were painted with all the colors of the rainbow. Bright and bloody—terrifying. And it was as if Lucian was present in the visions—but not. It was all so much. Too much. I nearly fainted. Instead I dropped to my knees, hitting the pavement painfully. 

Glancing up at Lucian I shuddered. There was death in his eyes. A darkness I didn’t understand. And yet...yet a part of me didn’t care. I wanted him. I wanted what he was offering even though I wasn’t sure what exactly it was.


Is the love of a bad man as fulfilling as that of a good man—if he’s good to you?

The fantasy for most women is the happily ever after, the white knight or the prince charming. Or maybe they imagine the hero swoops in to save them from their mundane existence. But what happens if you catch the attention of the villain instead? Tiffany aka Karma is about to find out…

Karma isn’t just a name; it’s a way of life for an exotic dancer with a taste for vigilante justice. She should have been more careful though, because her deeds haven’t gone completely unnoticed. A man who isn’t quite human, with the predilection for destruction, has set his sights on her. His brand of love is tainted…twisted, and Karma is powerless to resist.

Author Bio

D.T. Dyllin is a bestselling author who writes both paranormal and contemporary romance. Anything with a love story is her kryptonite. Her obsession with affairs-of-the-heart is what first drove her to begin twisting her own tales of scorching romance. 

D.T. was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Black & Gold for life, baby!) She now lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her husband and two spoiled German Shepherds.

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Deranged by Niko McQueen

Deranged by Niko McQueen
(Ivy Hollow Chronicles, #1)
Publication Date: February 11th 2014
Genres: Adult, Romance

Available From: Amazon

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Zach chuckled like he’d just found a secret hallway that led to the Glee backlot. “Oh, you’d be surprised.” He wagged his eyebrows and bit his lower lip in an awkward impression of a seductive hooker.

“Dude. We have got to work on your moves. If not, you’re seriously going to die a virgin.”

Zachary’s face fell and Adam felt bad. “Sorry, but it’s true. Not even gay men are going to fall for that . . . Christ, they’re probably harder to please than women.”

He shuddered and slid his chair beneath the desk. “Not possible. Chicks are a no win.”

Adam laughed and they wandered down the hall toward the cafeteria. A sudden chill raced over his arms and yanked him to a stop. He grabbed Zach’s forearm and pulled him to a stop, then glanced over his shoulder.

Sure enough, Christian stood halfway down the darkened hall on the far side of the station. Adam forced his attention to stay on the upper half of Christian’s body. He’d pulled that dark sheet of hair back into a ponytail and wore a button-down white shirt, untucked, cuffs unbuttoned. He may or may not have had the same dark jeans on, but Adam wasn’t about to look any closer. Even without dropping his gaze, he could tell that Christian was in his bare feet. The urge to look was nearly more than he could bear. A deep need to see if they were as slender and perfect as his fingers coiled tightly in Adam’s belly until it filled the space and extended lower. Adam felt like a sixth-grader peering into the girls’ locker room. He had to get out of here.

Zachary pulled out of his grip and marched down the hall toward Christian, shooing him away like a stray puppy. “You know you’re not supposed to be wandering around.”

Adam flinched. He didn’t feel good about Zachary’s unprovoked attack on Christian. Yelling at a psycho didn’t seem like the best policy. But he didn’t want to chase after Zach and get any closer to Christian, either. Christian’s gaze never left Adam’s, not even when Zach got within feet of him. He melted into the shadow and Zach stopped, hands on his hips.

“I’m serious, Christian. When we get back from dinner, you’d better be back in your room.”

Adam wasn’t about to fidget under the scrutiny, but he could feel the intense heat like Christian’s hands were doing the inventory instead of his eyes from fifty feet away. Tingles erupted across every inch of his skin and his balls tightened like he was about to come. Adam forced his arms not to move even though he wanted to cover himself.

Two days ago, he’d have whipped around and marched into the cafeteria, but today he couldn’t seem to make his feet obey. And as bad as he wanted to believe it was because he didn’t want to leave Zach alone, an unsettling feeling told him there was another reason.

One he was going to have to explore in the darkness of his room later tonight.

Zach huffed and strolled back to Adam, a bizarre swing in his hips. Adam could have slapped him. No one walks like that. Not even hookers. Good shit he had his work cut out for him.

Zach brushed past Adam and through the double doors at the end of the hallway. Adam still stood in the echoing expanse of hallway. Somewhere in the darkness to his left, Christian watched.

He turned slowly and forced his hips not to swing even one inch.


Adam Rossmore is a rich party boy who doesn’t answer to anyone. He’s played the orphan card for too long and it’s gotten him out of every DUI, arrest, and fine.

Until now.

When a judge slaps him with community service at the insane asylum, Ivy Hollow, Adam thinks it’s all a joke. Until the doors lock and he starts meeting the residents.

Christian Hale has lived at Ivy Hollow his entire life. He seeks solace in his music—and whatever orderly happens to be nearby.

When Adam hears Christian play the piano for the first time, the music draws him deep into Christian’s web and he must fight an arousal that is both confusing and exciting.

Author Bio

Niko currently lives in Charlotte NC with her four crazy roommates. She spends her days watching korean dramas and daydreaming of hunky guys falling in love with each other. She dreams of traveling the world gypsy style with her laptop and spinning awesome love stories.