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Good Intentions by Pembroke Sinclair

Good Intentions by Pembroke Sinclair

(The Road to Salvation #3)

Published by: Booktrope Publishing
Publication date: July 28th 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult

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Guest Post - Unlikeable Characters
By Pembroke Sinclair

Characters, like real people, have their quirks.  There are parts of them readers may like, and others readers may find loathsome.  Katie, my main character from the Road to Salvation series, isn’t always liked.  In fact, some readers have even gone so far as to say they hate her.  

My first reaction to that was that I needed to come to Katie’s defense.  I felt like I needed to protect her like I would protect my own children.  I would explain that she acts the way she acts because she’s a 17-year-old girl or give some other excuse, like she’s naive.  I was upset that they would attack her like that.

Then, I stopped.  I was talking to an author friend of mine about how not all main characters have to be likable.  The point of stories is to put characters in challenging situations and see how they react to them.  Not all of them come out fighting.  Some are more passive and maybe a lot more self-centered.  Some are unreliable.  You can’t trust anything they have to say, and they often twist the truth to their own benefit.  Some are sneaky.  Like the real world, characters in fiction display a wide range of personality traits--not all of which are desirable.

Katie is young, naive, self-centered, needy, and whiny.  She has moments of being strong, but they are fleeting and quickly devolve into self-doubt and insecurity.  Katie is who she is, and she shouldn’t have to apologize for that or explain it to anyone.  And neither do I.  If she was any other way, it wouldn’t be the same story.

I understand that readers don’t like her, but some do.  And both of those feelings are correct.  Katie isn’t always my favorite either, and I know her really well.  I don’t cringe anymore when reviewers write about how much they despise her.  In fact, I laugh.  To me, that’s an awesome compliment.  I love to see that my character evokes such a strong emotional response.  It means I’m doing something right.


Katie has been through Hell—literally—and discovered that it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. In fact, she kind of enjoyed it. She got to be with Josh, found out about her past, and discovered who she wanted to be as a person. Katie didn’t care that her actions went against social norms.  She was happy.

But things are changing—again. Wes has come back into her life, and that can only mean trouble. His presence threatens to unravel her new-found happiness. She can’t allow that. She won’t let him back in. Yet, Katie can’t push him away.
Thrown back into a state of confusion and uncertainty, Katie is once again forced to pick sides, and in the process, she may lose herself.

Author Bio:

Pembroke Sinclair is a literary jack of all trades, playing her hand at multiple genres. She has written an eclectic mix of fiction ranging from horror to sci-fi and even some westerns. Born in Rock Springs, Wyoming--the home of 56 nationalities--it is no wonder Pembroke ended up so creatively diverse. Her fascination with the notions of good and evil, demons and angels, and how the lines blur have inspired her writing. Pembroke lives in Laramie, Wyoming, with her husband, two spirited boys, a black lab named Ryder, and a rescue kitty named Alia, who happens to be the sweetest, most adorable kitty in the world! She cannot say no to dessert, orange soda, or cinnamon. She loves rats and tatts and rock and roll and wants to be an alien queen when she grows up.

You can learn more about Pembroke Sinclair by visiting her at her website.

White Death by Ted Bell

White Death by Ted Bell
Genre: Thrillers
Available from: Amazon * B&N


Alex Hawke is tracking one of the world’s most powerful villains high in the Swiss Alps. A powerful Swiss banker is found dead, frozen at the base of a soaring Alp. When a second man, the head of a rival banking empire, is found dead deep inside a mountain cave, MI6 suspects a bizarre conspiracy. Vast sums may have been plundered from the Queen of England’s accounts. The British royal family’s centuries-old Swiss bank holdings are at risk, shaking the foundations of Her Majesty’s government and the monarchy itself.  Sir David Trulove, Chief of British Intelligence (MI6) tasks his most formidable weapon, Alex Hawke, with investigating the horrific murders. In Switzerland, Hawke and Ambrose Congreve of Scotland Yard are pulled into a tangled web of international intrigue, deceit, and murder. China and Russia are the prime suspects, and these powerful forces will stop at nothing to protect their secrets.   A mysterious figure known as “The Sorcerer” has long been rumored to reside within an impenetrable fortress inside a mountain complex in the Swiss Alps known as “White Death.” Hawke must scale perilous heights and breach the fortifications at the top of the world…and find the Sorcerer-or die trying.  Includes a sneak preview from Patriot, the exhilarating new Alex Hawke adventure.


Some climber he’d never know had left him a lifeline. Trying desperately to subdue his mounting panic on the deadliest mountain in the Swiss Alps, Christian was shamelessly grabbing the old rope whenever it was visible, nearly paralyzed with fear. Any slip now would send him plummeting to the bottom of the wall, eight thousand feet of free fall with no chute and no god to save him.

He went higher, foolishly holding his breath to calm an anxiety he’d never known before. He started thinking that his much vaunted confidence had put him up here. And now that the same cocksure attitude he’d always had about life was going to send him to his death. He could almost feel his confidence, long his mainstay, seeping out through his pores. 

He went higher, looking for each new shred of frayed rope, literally grasping at straws. 

The whole spectrum of the face was in atrocious condition, far worse than he’d expected. It was plastered with rime and loaded with unstable snow. He was shit out of luck. There was nowhere left to go—he saw the rope! He lunged for it and that’s when he made the worst mistake of his short life. He made a single misstep. Both of his two ice axes and the crampons on his boots sheared out of the rotten ice at the same moment. 

He found himself airborne, the wind tearing at his clothes as he hurtled downward.

They say time slows down just before you die. That you revisit all the important scenes from your life, like a movie. It’s all bullshit. You fall off a mountain top and three seconds later you’re a bug on the windshield of life…

Author Bio

Ted Bell, former Writer-in-Residence, Cambridge University, was Chairman of the board and World-Wide Creative Director of Young & Rubicam, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Hawke, Assasin, Pirate, Spy, Tsar, Warlord and Phantom, along with a series of YA adventure novels.

Rebounding by Shanna Clayton

Rebounding by Shanna Clayton 
Publication date: June 14th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Purchase: AmazonB&N

Rebounding is a FULL-LENGTH novel.
Recommended for 17+ due to mature language and adult situations.


The way he’s carrying me makes it hard to look at him or speak to him. However, I can feel him. Even in my state, it’s hard not to notice the rippling muscles pressed against my back. He’s shirtless, and the warmth of his bare skin against mine isn’t all that unpleasant. Now that I’m aware of it, I can’t focus on anything else. 

We finally reach the shore and Max sets me down on the sand. Drops me, more accurately. I rub my hips and butt, grateful to know it probably hurt less than it would if I were sober.

“I’m implementing Rule Number 5,” Max shouts. “No deranged levels of insanity.”

Saltwater stings my eyes, or else I would roll them. “Oh, please. I’m just trying to have fun.”

“It’s storming, kid, or are you really that oblivious?”

I wipe my eyes and stand up, sucking in a small breath as I do. Even my ex, who trained rigorously almost everyday, didn’t have a body as toned and built as Max’s. I shouldn’t stare, but I can’t help it. 

He points toward the sky like he’s speaking to a toddler. “Does it look like swimming weather to you?”

“I don’t feel any rain,” I argue back.

As if on cue, a deafening crack of thunder booms all around us, lightning splitting the dark sky. Rain mists over the beach, millions of tiny raindrops hitting the surface of the ocean all at once.

Max and I look at each other, almost daring the other one to speak. The whole thing was too perfectly timed.


Charlotte Hart used to have the perfect life.

Or…what she thought was perfect.

President of her sorority. Legions of friends. A promising career in journalism. It’s exactly what she wanted, exactly what she’d always planned. But after her slimy bastard of a boyfriend cheats on her with her archenemy, everything she built comes crumbling down.

She needs out. Now.

But leaving everything behind means she has to live with Max, a mysterious guy from the past. Living with him isn’t the wisest decision she’s ever made—Max isn’t friendly, he keeps a lot of secrets, and sneaks out in the middle of the night. There’s definitely something shady about him, but at least he seems to understand what she needs. In fact, he seems to know it better than she does.

When Charlotte shows up on Max Archer’s doorstep, he knows he can’t turn her away. He wishes he could—she’s broken, lost, comes with too much baggage, but he owes her his life. Whatever she wants, he’ll find a way to make it happen. Problem is, Max doesn’t count on Charlotte wanting more than he’s willing to give.

He doesn’t count on her wanting his heart.

REBOUNDING follows characters that were introduced in the novel PRETENDING, but you do not need to read PRETENDING beforehand as REBOUNDING is its own story and is a standalone novel.

Author Bio

I'm not sure if my mother predestined me to become a romance author when she named me after her favorite Kathleen Woodiwiss book, but that's what happened. Now I live and breathe all things books. When I'm not glued to my desk writing, I can be found eating too much chocolate, obsessing over Game of Thrones, and cyber stalking my favorite authors. Keep up with me on Facebook and Instagram. I love hearing from readers!

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Race for Love by Nana Malone

Race for Love by Nana Malone 
(The Donovans #3) 
Publication date: July 27th 2015 
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Available From: Amazon * B&N


Today I'd Like to welcome Nana Malone. She's here to answer a few questions and to share an excerpt from her novel Race for Love

How old were you when you first realized you wanted to write? 

I was thirteen when I first started writing bad teen angsty poetry, but I was twenty-three when I started writing for book publication.

Most authors have an unusual story or way that they come up with their ideas for books…Do you have one?

Besides taking a notebook into the shower with me?  Lol. No.

What was your biggest influence that steered you towards writing? 

I’ve always loved books and voraciously read.  I have my mother to thank for that.  But as far as writing my own stories. I have a little book called Bridget Jones’s Diary to thank for that.  It was the first book where the writer’s voice spoke to me and made me feel like I could do that.

I have to ask, what are the hardest scenes for you to write?

The family dynamic scenes. It’s so hard not to let my own family dynamics influence the scenes.

Are sex scenes difficult for you to word?

HAHAHHA.  Yes a little. But usually I just say forget it and use the word I want.  Readers don’t seem to mind.

Do you see yourself writing in another genre?

Right now I write in Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance and New Adult. 

Has your family been supportive?

My husband is great about my writing.  Always gives me time to get it done.  My two year old is far less patient.  Lol.

Are any of your characters reflective of you?

Of course.  Every single character of mine has a little piece of me in them.

What do you like to do when you're not writing?

I’m usually reading or chasing around my daughter.

Who is your favorite book heroine?

Lizzie Bennet Pride and Prejudice.

Do you have any unusual habits that revolve around writing?

Lately, I’ve taken to trying a little meditation practice to help clear my mind and focus.  So far it seems to be helping.

What is you favorite mystical creature?


What were some of your biggest challenges at the beginning of your career?

You mean besides not having a clue what I was doing? HAHA. Seriously, I was bad. I knew nothing about characterization, plot, or structure.  And I was arrogant enough to think it would be easy. I learned soon enough that I needed some classes and a ton of help.

How do you feel about reader comments?

I love to hear from readers.  Good and bad.  I’m serious.  If it’s good, it helps keep me going.  If it’s bad and constructive, it helps me grow, so bring it on.

Do you have any advice for new authors?

Write.  Stop worrying about your Facebook presence or your Twitter feed and write.  Learn as much as you can.  Listen to your gut and above all get some constructive feedback on your book.  And Moms and Boyfriends don’t count. You need brutal honesty from someone who reads your genre.

Where are your books available?

Where ever ebooks and audiobooks are sold.  I really don’t believe in exclusivity.

What can we expect from you in the future?

You can expect more action and romance for sure.  More Donovans, more In Stilettos girls, More from Love Match.  Just more books.

Thank you for joining us today Nana! :D

Thank you so much for having me.


She stopped her chair when she saw the man in the living room. From this vantage point, she had an excellent view of a spectacular jeans-clad ass. It was so good the jeans should be thanking him for making them look so good. Butterflies fluttered low in her belly and she silently admonished herself. What was she doing ogling this guy? She was here to work. Never mind that it had been so long she barely remembered what sex was like.

She dragged her focus back to the tall stranger taking up space in TJ's living room. 

Dark, inky hair dusted his collar, lightly curling at the collar. His shoulders, holy hell, they were broad. Clearly, he worked out, but not so much that he looked like some muscle bound meathead. He still had a neck. Judging his height, he was probably around six feet two, maybe taller. He was just a little shorter than TJ. His back equally fascinated her as he studied the trophy wall and her stats. But she mostly focused on how his jeans hung low on his hips, showcasing his tight ass. 

A deep voice startled her out of her reverie. "You should take a picture, it'll last longer. Or you like seeing it all in the flesh?" His voice was low and sexy, but held a note of teasing. 

A flush of heat crept up her neck, making her face flame. The last thing she needed. When he turned slowly, Kiss involuntarily held her breath, almost like her body knew to brace itself for something magic.

Oh, wow. With a jaw carved out of stone, his beautiful cheekbones were more geared for a runway model than a physical therapist. And his thick, sooty lashes rivaled her own. Jesus Christ, She was supposed to work with this guy? How was she supposed to work with him day in and day out for the next few months? She had twelve weeks until the Abu Dhabi race. 

No way no how. Physical therapy required touching. Lots of...touching. She'd had her fill of too handsome too cocky assholes. Antonio had been one. She knew the type "I won't be needing a picture thanks, I've had enough.”

The corner of his lips tipped into a wry smile and those piercing baby blues of his made it nearly impossible to think. Nearly.

He studied her in her chair for a moment.  "So you're KM Jennings.  I'm not sure why, but before I got here, I expected a guy.”

She shrugged. "Kisima, actually. And it was done by design. When I first started, it was to slip me past organizers without too much discrimination. Added bonus was I looked like a boy for ages.”

His gaze slid over her and her skin prickled with heat in response. "Somehow I doubt that. I can see you doing it to keep the announcers from butchering your name.” His voice was softer and flowed over her like melted chocolate.

“That too. It means spring in Swahili. Mom was Tanzanian.” Stop talking, Kiss. Why had she offered that? He wasn't here to date her. He was here to train her.

His gaze narrowed for a moment, then he angled his head toward the trophy wall. "That you in Sports Illustrated?”

Like an idiot, she blushed...again. What the hell was wrong with her? This guy was her supposed new trainer not some cute boy who wanted to buy her a drink at the club. "Yeah. The story on women in racing." 

He nodded. "So the racing bikini is totally called for.”

She'd regretted that spread from the moment she'd agreed to do it. It certainly didn't help her gain respect. Magazines liked to feature her as their token minority and woman. There were other women. And other black racers. But a black woman, she was a chupacabra. 

Kiss shifted in the chair trying to take some pressure off her hip. "So they call you the miracle worker. Is it true? I mean, why do you patch up broken athletes? You going to have me all patched up and ready to drive in three months?" Her lower back throbbed and all she wanted to do was lie down and stretch properly.

His eyes widened as he watched her shift in the chair and he crossed his arms. "I don't know about that. I don't really believe in miracles." His frown deepened. "But I guess I like to help people. And athletes are a special breed. Able to do what so few can do.”

"My own personal superhero. I suppose you'll have me call you Clark Kent.”

"If you need to see me as a superhero, feel free. But there won’t be any magic involved. Just plain old hard work. One question though, do you want to tell me what you're still doing in the chair?" His glare was derisive as if she'd done something wrong.

She tilted her chin up. "Some trainer you are. I assume you've seen my file, so you know I can't really walk right now. This is my ride.”


Up and coming racecar driver, Kisima Jennings, is all alone in the world and that’s just how she likes it. After all, she has her career, who needs family? But when a near-fatal crash jeopardizes her future, she’s forced to lean on someone for the first time in her life.

As an athletic trainer, Derek Donovan is driven and has always kept his eyes on the prize, never letting personal entanglements come between him and his dream of becoming a head trainer for the New Orleans Jaguars. That is, until one misstep costs him everything. Now he’s starting over, but with a client as tempting as Kisima, is he destined to repeat the mistakes of his past? Or will letting someone close bring him everything he’s ever wanted?

Author Bio:

USA Today Best Seller, Nana Malone's love of all things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense she "borrowed" from her cousin. 

It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana, and Nana was a precocious thirteen. She's been in love with kick butt heroines ever since. With her overactive imagination, and channeling her inner Buffy, it was only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.

While she waits for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin, in the meantime Nana works out her drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit as sassy and kick butt as she thinks she is.

Want to know when the next book is coming? Hit up her Newsletter here. You'll only get updated when there is a new release or a special promotion for her Sexy, Sassy Readers.

*USA Today Bestselling In Stilettos Series *

Author links:

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Finding Anna by Sherri Hayes - Anniversary

Four years ago on July 26th, Slave, the first book in Sherri Hayes' Bestselling Finding Anna Series hit the market.

Genre: BDSM Romance Series
Buy Links: Amazon | B&N | iTunes | TWCS

Stephan has lived the lifestyle of a Dominant for five years. After several rebellious teenage years, it gave him the stability and control he had been seeking after his parent’s death.

As president of a not-for-profit foundation, he knows what his future holds and what he wants out of life. All that changes when a simple lunch with his college friend and Mentor, Darren, leads him to buying a slave.

Thrust into a situation he never thought he’d be in, Stephan can’t walk away. He is compelled to help this girl in the only way he knows how.

Brianna knows only one thing, she is a slave. She has nothing. She is nothing.

Can Stephan help Brianna realize that she is much more than just a Slave?

Readers Have Fallen In Love

Slave now has over 100 4 and 5 star ratings son Amazon.

"Slave was a very intense read for me, beautifully written, and left me wanting more." 

~In The Book

"Describing this read is simple- AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found every aspect of it to be so good. I couldn't put it down."


Finding Anna

Slave is the first book in Sherri's Finding Anna Series. A 4 book serial series that follows Brianna and Stephan through their journey.

"I talk to a lot of readers and the one thing they consistently say is that this is unlike anything they've ever read before. Some see the cover of Slave and assume it's a traditional slave/capture story. That couldn't be further from the truth. Slave, and the rest of Finding Anna, is about a young woman who has to figure out who she is and what she wants to do with her life after suffering through immense trauma. Finding Anna starts where all the other slave/capture stories end...with the rescue." ~Sherri Hayes

As Brianna comes to terms with the realization that she is no longer a slave, she must figure out what she wants for her life. Forgetting her past isn’t an option. It is an integral part of who she is now, and it will forever shape her view of life. The one thing she knows is that she cannot imagine her life without the man who saved her, but can she be what he needs?

Stephan never imagined falling in love with the woman he rescued, but the thought of her no longer being part of his life is physically painful. The scars from her past continue to haunt her, and he is helpless to stop them. All he can do is try to help her work through the traumas of her past. Can he be everything she needs and help her move on?

The two must figure out how to navigate not only their relationship with each other, but also the outside world. A friend from Brianna’s past shows up where she least expects them, and Uncle Richard continues to enforce his well-meaning agenda to get Brianna more traditional help. As forces, both friend and foe, threaten to tear them apart, Stephan and Brianna have to navigate the turbulent waters and find what they need in each other.

For the last two months, Brianna has discovered something she never thought she would again. Hope. After the horror of being Ian’s slave for ten months, a fate she never imagined she’d escape, it feels as if she is living a dream. She has freedom she hadn’t expected to have again, and she wakes up every morning not fearing what the day will bring. There is also Stephan. The man who saved her from the daily torture she had to endure at the hands of Ian and his friends. The same man who makes her heart race with just the thought of him. Life is good.

Outside forces are determined to conspire against them, however. When Brianna’s father shows up on her doorstep, it sends her world spiraling out of control. He brings with him new information about how Brianna ended up in Ian’s clutches, but will it make a difference? Will Stephan be able to find a way to make Ian pay for all he made Brianna suffer? As Brianna and Stephan try to find out the truth, their relationship is tested. She is forced to face her past head on, and deal with the ugly reality of what happened to her. Will Stephan’s love be enough to see her through her newest challenge, or will the fragile trust they’ve built come crumbling down around them as the truth makes itself known.

Brianna is lost for the fourth time in her life. Each time was unexpected, and each changed the course of her future. The first life-altering event occurred when her mother died, and she moved to Minnesota to live with her father.

The second was when she was kidnapped at the age of seventeen and forced to be a slave. She would never forget those ten months. Brianna thought her life was over.

Everything changed again the day Stephan steamrolled into her life and brought her home to live with him. She had no idea what to expect—what life with her new Master would hold. That first month with Stephan was, in some ways, more confusing than the prior ten. As a slave, she’d known her place. With Stephan everything was new and different. He’d given her freedom and so much more.

Five months after Stephan rescued her, Brianna once again finds her life flipped upside down.

In this fourth, and final, installment of Finding Anna, Brianna must unearth strength she never knew she possessed. Stephan can no longer protect her from the outside world. She must learn to trust herself, embrace who she is, and discover who she wants to be. Only by facing her demons can Brianna find true happiness and peace.

Finding Anna Box Set
Download all 4 books for only $9.99.

Amazon * B&N * TWCS


Grand Prize - $10 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Prize - Sherri Hayes Swag Pack
3rd Prize - Set of Signed Finding Anna Bookmarks

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Falling by Ryanne Anthony

She's willing to risk heartbreak to find out...

Publication Date: June 29, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Negative Ion Series, Book One

With friends and siblings like hers, Kimber Forrest felt like all she had were enemies when dealing with her fractured love life…

Kimber wanted to be a lawyer almost as much as she wanted Roland Sampson, her older brother’s best friend. After pining for him for two years, Kimber finally accepts that to Roland, she will always be “his best friend’s kid sister” and nothing more.

During her first year of college, Kimber meets Samantha and her twin, ultimate bad-boy Jaxen Malloy, drummer for Negative Ion. Tatted. Muscled. Beyond gorgeous. Soon Kimber finds herself forgetting Roland and thinking only of Jaxen, much to Samantha’s disappointment. Like Kimber’s brother, Samantha wants Kimber as far away from Jaxen, female enemy number one, as possible since she knew all Jaxen would do is viciously hurt her. Not this time, Kimber insisted. Well-schooled on Jaxen’s reputation, Kimber decides to take what she can get, and ignore all the warnings to stay away from the handsome bad-boy.

Will Jaxen ever think of Kimber as something other than his “annoying” sister’s friend or could he possibly be falling for her, too? Kimber hoped so and, to find out, she was willing to take the risk of Jaxen breaking her heart… and soul.

Let's see, what can I say about myself. Let's see, what can I say about myself... I'm a writer. How's that? Not enough? Um, okay. So hate writing about myself.

I'm a wife, mother and I LOVE words. I love the way they can come together and make a reader laugh, cry, yell, scream and curse like a sailor with itchy... skin. I've held several jobs/careers and ignored the ramblings in my head, begging to be placed in a novel or two.

I got my first non-picture book from my dad. He read any and everything and urged me to do so. Tristan and Isolde will always have a special place in my heart, so much so that I named my daughter 'Isoldah', (same pronunciation).

Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads | Pinterest