Review Policy

Cafe Art Space Review Policy

Before you ask me to review a book, you should know, that as much as I love reading and reviewing novels; it's not my full-time career. I will only accept books that are of interest to me.

My Preferences

My reading preferences lean towards:

  • Psychological Thrillers
  • Supernatural 
  • Action Adventure - "Icebound" by Dean Koontz is probably my all time favourite
  • Mysteries - Love to be kept guessing, but its takes a lot to pull the wool over my eyes... I generally peg the outcome well ahead of the ending... Surprise me.
  • Drama - But please no epic sagas that cover several decades
  • Chick Lit - I love a good lighthearted romance, a bit of intrigue never hurts either
Some of my favourite authors are
  • Patricia Cornwell - Dr Kay Scarpetta, never got into the Southern Cross Novels
  • Clive Cussler - Dirk and Al... Amazing
  • Dean Koontz - Icebound particularly but generally all of his work is awesome 
  • Stephen King - Loved The Stand, The Gun Slinger Series, Rose Madder
  • Jean M Auel
  • Mary Higgins - Clark, haven't found a book of hers I didn't love
  • Johanna Lindsey - sigh...
  • Gene Doucette - Adam the Immortal is currently my favourite hero

If you're an author, a publicist or a publisher you are welcome to pitch your book to me, flick me an email to:

CafeArtSpace (at) gmail (dot) com

My acceptance to review your book does not guarantee a positive result. What you will get is an honest review that analyses any flaws and features that I believe are evident.   

Assuming I like your book, and you like my review, I will be happy to participate in blog tours and publishing day events.

Promotion Opportunities

Promotion on this site generally includes posts that feature

  • Book Cover
  • Summary
  • Links to 
    • Publisher's Website
    • Author's Website, Facebook Page, (Book or Self) or any other Social Media they use
    • Other Reviews - happy to network, especially during blog tours
Other Promotion Opportunities can include
  • A Guest Post - where the author shares insight about themselves, books, and writing.
  • An Author Interview
  • Give-Aways - Provided by the author, publisher or publicist